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Hi, my name is Cesar Palominos and South Metro Garage Doors is my local Stockbridge company. I want to be the first to say welcome to South Metro Garage Doors. Here at our company we work hard to make sure that each and every customer is always happy.

I have over 12 years of experience in the garage door business. With my experience, I have created a company that keeps the big company expertise and options while providing the locally owned business service that makes business human and enjoyable for customers and business owners.

I invite you to learn more about my company and myself by reading our About Us page. On this page, I list some of the large companies that I have worked on in Georgia. We do both residential garage doors.

The Best Garage Door Company in Stockbridge

So what do you look for in a garage door company? For most, the moment their garage door breaks it is the first time that they realize they have never needed or even thought about a garage door company before. However, they immediately have some key things they expect and need from a garage door company. We are continually working on and improving our business to always be the company that customers need, want, and deserve. Here is a basic list of the qualities that make us an excellent choice when it comes to fixing garage doors, installing garage doors, replacing garage doors and maintaining garage doors for our customers.

1. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to our customers. We make sure each and every customer is happy.

2. We offer free estimates and site inspections.

3. We are fully insured. Whenever you have a company working on your property you need to always make sure they are insured.

4. The parts we use are under warranty for 90 days.

5. We offer a 30 day labor warranty.

6. We offer a wide variety of garage doors, makes, models, and parts for garage doors. We want our customers to have enough options to make the best choice for their new garage doors or replacement parts.

7. We are experienced working on, installing and replacing both residential garage doors.

8. Everyday we build on our past 12 years of experience and make our business and garage door services better for you.

9. We understand who keeps us in business and we work hard for them. We know that it isn’t the dollar that keeps us in business. It is our happy customers that keep us in business everyday. Thank you and we promise quality work and services every time.

10. We are local company with the experience and wisdom of the big garage door companies. We promise the quality that bigger companies can offer and always provide the local care that large companies don’t offer.

Garage Door Services in Stockbridge, GA

So what services do we offer? We also want everyone to know that we don’t just service Stockbridge. Yes we do call Stockbridge our home but as a mobile business we service all the surrounding cities.

Garage Door Services in Stockbridge, GA

Our services are split up into four main categories. You can always access these categories in our menu bar on each page.

Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors get worn out and break over time. One of the most common parts on a garage door that break are the garage door tension springs. These springs have only a certain number of open cycles in them and when that limit is reach they snap. This is 100% normal and is expected with each and every garage door spring.

Tip: When one spring snaps the other is soon to follow. We often replace both springs to save our customers money on one repair trip instead of two repair trips spaced days or just a couple weeks apart.

Other types of repairs that we do are on the motors, rollers, tracks, openers, panels, etc.

Garage Door Installations

We offer brand new garage door installations. We install basic garage doors to large really expensive garage doors. We do residential garage door installs.

One way that we stay competitive in the garage door installations business is by offering very competitive prices while offering a wide selection of new garage doors to choose from.

Garage Door Replacements

Garage door replacement services is different than new installations. Garage door replacements is more about replacing the parts and systems of a garage door that are beyond repair. Often times the better solution for our customers is to replace the broken part instead of trying to repair it.

Garage Door Maintenance

Just like everything a little T.L.C can really go a long way. For example, if you never maintained a vehicle everyone would expect it to prematurely break. The same is true with garage doors. They should be properly maintained so that they operate efficiently and don’t incur extra wear and tear that will cause the garage door system to break sooner than expected.

We offer lube and maintenance services on residential garage doors.

Garage Door Spring Replacement McDonough, GA

Something that eventually will wear out on your garage Door is the springs. They are an important part of your garage door because they are what helps hold the weight of your garage door as it opens and closes. If you have a broken spring then you will not be able to have your garage door open and close.

Changing out your springs can also be dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. The spring stretches for opening and closing and can hold a lot of tension in them. If you are unsure it is best to have a professional come and help you.

Check out information on this job below.

Garage Door Tension Cable Repair McDonough, GA

This customer had one huge issue with their garage door: the tension cables had come off of the garage door, which causes problems with the opening and closing of the garage door. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy fix for someone who doesn’t know much about how garage doors work. Fortunately, we were able to help this customer get his tension cables back where they were supposed to be. When we arrived on site, we assessed his problem and were able to recognize right away that the tension cables were in need of repair. In order to complete this job, we mounted the customer’s tension cable back on the drum of his garage door. When we were done, he had no problems opening and closing his garage door.

Garage Door Opener Installation in Lithonia, GA

This customer didn’t want to put any more money into her broken garage door opener, so she asked us to replace it. We were able to discard the old one and install a brand new one that brought her garage door back into working order.


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Called immediately, diagnosed the problem on phone, setup the appt. same day service on a Sunday. Showed up on time and fixed the problem, what more can you ask for..
~ Daniel M. - Conyers, GA
Oct 12, 2014
Called immediately, diagnosed the problem on phone, setup the appt. same day service on a Sunday. Showed up on time and fixed the problem, what more can you ask for..
~ Daniel M. - Conyers, GA
Oct 12, 2014

Some Cities We Service

Like we have mentioned throughout our website we serve a lot of customers throughout the Stockbridge, GA area. This is a basic list of some of the cities and counties we services. We offer garage door services in Stockbridge, McDonough, Fayetteville, Forest Park, Riverdale, Jonesboro, Griffin, Conyers, Lithonia, Ellenwood, Morrow. Our services stretch between Henry County, Clayton County, and Spalding County Georgia.

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