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Garage Door Opener Installation in Lithonia, GA

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Job Details

When:  Apr 27, 2015

Service Category:  Residential

Services Performed:  Garage Door Opener Installation, Remote and Keypad Programming

Brief Explanation:   This customer had a malfunctioning garage door opener. Although the opener is responsible for making sure that the door both opens and closes, this customer’s opener was only able to close the door. Unfortunately, this caused a huge inconvenience for the customer since she would have to attempt to open the door manually without her remote. Fortunately, we were able to solve this problem for her. After taking a look at her garage door opener and giving her the diagnoses of a bad circuit board, she decided that she wanted to get a new opener. After choosing a new opener for her garage door, we installed it and then reprogrammed her garage door remote and keypad to work with the new opener.

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Serena C Said This About Our Company

Lithonia, GA

Date: May 16, 2015

The guy who came out was very professional. He actually tried to fix the door first so I wouldn’t have to get a replacement. He went so far as to call the other company. He ended up recommending that I get a new door because it would have cost more money the other way. He was really good!

Services Provided

Troubleshot the opener, found that it had a bad circuit board. the opener was a few years old and she did not want to invest anymore money into it. presented a few options on replacement and she decided to go with a new garage door opener.

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Stockbridge, GA

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It was a Sunday, Cesar came at time set, very personable and professional. Would not hesitate to call again. ~ Cheryl S. - McDonough, GA
~ Cheryl S. - McDonough, GA


About The Garage Door Opener Repair Job

Garage door openers will typically last for years on end. However, they are not designed to last forever, and eventually every homeowner’s garage door opener will start to malfunction – no matter how high-end it is considered to be. In these types of cases, homeowners often have the option to have the opener repaired or to go ahead and replace it altogether. In this case, the customer’s garage door opener began to malfunction in such a way that she could close the door but she was not able to open it. After troubleshooting her garage door opener, we determined that it was a bad circuit board that was causing the problem. I presented the customer with the option of having us repair the circuit board, but she decided that she did not want to invest any more money into her current garage door opener and would prefer a replacement. We got to work right away finding the right opener for her garage door. We then performed a new opener installation after taking down the old opener motor .

This Customer’s Reaction To Our Work

As you can imagine, it can be quite the inconvenience when your garage door opener malfunctions and you are unable to open your garage door. When we replaced and installed the new garage door opener, this customer was very grateful to now have a garage door that worked as it was supposed to. She stated that she was very pleased with the garage door repair work that we did for her that day, and our relationship with this customer is on great terms.

Other Work We Performed For The Customer

Our job is to make sure that your garage door is fully functioning.

Whether it’s garage door spring repair in Stockbridge or opener installation in Lithonia, we don’t stop until everything is in working order. After we disposed of the old garage door opener and installed the new one, we wanted to make sure that our customer would be able to open and close here garage door without any anticipated problems. After testing the door, we then made sure that we took the time to program all of the accessories that went along with the new garage door system. These accessories included the remote that she will use to open and close the door as well as the new keypad she will be using.