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Garage Door Tension Cable Repair McDonough, GA

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Job Details

When:  Apr 22, 2015

Service Category:  Residential

Services Performed:  Tension Cable Repair, Tension Cable Re-Mount

Brief Explanation:   This customer had one huge issue with their garage door: the tension cables had come off of the garage door, which causes problems with the opening and closing of the garage door. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy fix for someone who doesn’t know much about how garage doors work. Fortunately, we were able to help this customer get his tension cables back where they were supposed to be. When we arrived on site, we assessed his problem and were able to recognize right away that the tension cables were in need of repair. In order to complete this job, we mounted the customer’s tension cable back on the drum of his garage door. When we were done, he had no problems opening and closing his garage door.

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David Said This About Our Company

McDonough, GA

Date: Feb 12, 2018

I was extremely satisfied with the services. They were efficient! They were affordable! I have rental properties and if I have need of a garage door, which at times I do, I will definitely be calling.

Services Provided

Tension Cable came off of the door, made repair by re mounting cable back on the drum

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Stockbridge, GA

Client Testimonial

It was a Sunday, Cesar came at time set, very personable and professional. Would not hesitate to call again.
~ Cheryl S. - McDonough, GA


About This Garage Door Tension Cable Repair Job

Our garage doors are very complex. Although we refer to is as a door, it’s actually many small moving parts that make up one big garage door system. If even one of those little parts doesn’t work as it should, it can prevent the entire system from functioning properly. This customer was dealing with garage door tension cables that had come off of the door and therefore could not properly open and close the garage door. Because of our extensive experience in the garage door repair industry, we were able to recognize this problem right away and get the tension cables fixed. Our repair job for this McDonough, GA customer entailed mounting the garage door tension cable back onto the drum for him. By doing this, we were able to address the malfunctions in the garage door system and make sure that it worked the way it was supposed to.

This Customer's Reaction To Our Work

We’re not satisfied until our customers are happy with the work that we do.

As you can imagine, having a garage door that doesn’t work properly can be both a hassle and a safety hazard. This customer was having enough of a noticeable problem with his garage door that he called us for garage door repair. Once he realized that we would be able to make a simple repair by re-mounting the garage door tension cable back onto the drum so that it could function properly, our customer was very happy to have us do it. The job only took a short amount of time, and the customer stated that he was very happy with the repair job that we did and what we were able to accomplish for him. From garage door opener repair to taking care of tension cable issues, we strive to make all of our customers happy, and we are proud to say that our relationship with this customer is friendly and professional.